10 ways to raise happy children?


Give a smile

Joking with the children helps shape them social success, according to a study presented at the Economic and Social Research Councils of Social Sciences in 2011.
When parents laugh with children and discover playfulness, it gives young children the tools to think creatively, to cope well with pressure, adapt to a variety of people and situations, make friends easily and be taken seriously and hypersensitivity life. So feel free to be silly with the kids in the yard – they will thank you later in life.

Were positive

Parents who express negative feelings toward their babies or treat them in a tough, are likely to find aggressive preschoolers. Bad news, because the behavioral aggression at age 5 becomes aggression later in life, even against future spouses. So if you find yourself in a circle of angry parent – child angry – even more angry parent, stop immediately! This will ease the problems that may arise in the long term.

Passion for your kids

Self-blame is one of the most common feelings among parents, but have avoided. Research suggests that self-compassion is a very important life skill that would help people cope with the challenges. Self-pity is composed of ads, the ability to find empathy for the suffering of others and to manage thoughts and feelings without drift or suppress them. Self-pity myself consists kindness, your suffering and recognition of personal commitment to solve the problem. Parents can use compassion when they encounter difficulties with raising children and in doing so, they serve as a good example for their children.
Let them go

When children leave the nest, it is better to let them go, according to new research. Student-year college parents anxious, hysterical and interfere too much, may develop anxiety, excessive judicial, as well as being less open to new experiences than younger parents are more relaxed. That does not mean you have to shake them off, but if you find yourself in contact with the army commander or academic professor to argue with them about the treatment the child receives, apparently it was time to step back and release.

Keep your relationships

Parents who have marital instability may cause sleep problems in the life of the newborn, according to a May 2011 study published in the journal Child Development. If you are married parents who raise their children together, it is important to look after your relationship will not become unhinged with having children. Research suggests that the relationship undermined the parents when the baby is 9 months old, may affect the quality of sleep at the age of 18 months. It is not hard to keep a happy relationship – send her a wish for your annivarsary, tell him good morning every day. Invest in your spouse! Homes in progress under constant pressure between the couple and within the family, cause sleep problems.

Look after your mental health

If you suspect that you may be depressed – get help! For you and for your children! Studies show that depressed mothers, struggling with parental commitment and respond helplessly, compared to healthy mothers. Depressed mothers with negative parenting style may contribute to the stress of their children, according to a study conducted last year among preschool children.
The findings were bleak, but researchers have argued that positive parenting can be learned even when mom or dad are fighting for their mental health. inversiontabledoctor.com.

Mothers, maintain  a good relationship with your children

Close relationships between parents and children, especially among white mother, can help keep the boys behavior “disturbed”, according to a study conducted in 2010 found a warm and adjacent to the white mother, prevents behavior problems among boys than among girls even more. The findings were published in the journal Child Development stressed the need to create a secure communication between children and parents, that is used as a child comforting rest before they go out into the big world.

In another study conducted in parallel, is that the relationship between the child his mother could help him create romantic relationships later in life. The study found a direct link between a close relationship with the mother until puberty (around age 14), and the quality of romantic relationships of young men. Parent-child relationships are very important, so that children derive inspiration and develop the ability to have successful relationships as adults.

The idea of teenagers answer back to parents may be upset, but as a store associated with a strong rejection of peer pressure away from home. In other words, the autonomy in the autonomy fosters social. Research shows that children need a relationship that combines quarrels with parents, because it helps them learn how to stand on their own and have qzz in your life.

Nobody is perfect

Nobody is perfect so do not answer yourself with excessive level of expectations. According to a study published in 2011 in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, parents who think society expects them to be perfect and to raise perfect children, may find themselves stressed out a lot more and raise their children with uncertainty.

Get to know your children

Everyone thinks they know how best to raise their children, but it turns out that, thanks to this not a matter of legality and it does not come if the ONE SIZE. Instead, the parent parenting style that fit their child’s personality, shaping a child less anxious and less depressed children grow up under strict dictates. According to a study published in August 2011 in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology. Some children, especially those with problems regulating emotions, you might need some extra help Mom and Dad, but as a whole, the experience of parents demonstrate complete control over the design and boy, can only spoil. The key is engagement and support on the basis of steps that the child chooses to do.

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